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I'm Assaad Salameh.

I'm a London based Full Stack Software Engineer, currently working at Accenture helping build some production ready software solutions used worldwide.

In my free time time, I like to create some of my own projects and participate in Hackathons. When I am not in front of the screen you will find me performing magic or dancing salsa.


About me

I am a Software engineer at Accenture with a master’s in advanced computer science(distinction). I always aim to excel and go above and beyond in projects and tasks that I am assigned to. Sticking to the information that I know, or the information given to me is not an option, I therefore always make sure to search for the latest and best practices/technologies that will improve my skills, help me develop better solutions and allow to suggest better approaches for the task/project. I also can’t help but to be interested in various fields in computer science such as AI, cloud, HCI(Human-Computer Interaction) and Web programming. Moreover, I am a very quick and efficient learner which is a skill that has been essential for me throughout my journey.

  • Location:London, UK
  • Study:University of Sussex
  • Employment:Accenture


Masters in advanced computer science

University of SussexOctober 2020

I graduated with distinction (first) and my master's dissertation consisted of a deep convolutional neural network that determines whether a patient has COVID-19, common pneumonia, or neither of them, based on their chest CT scan (achieving 97.2% accuracy)


Software Engineer

AccentureJune 2021 - Present

I have been working on a full stack web project at Accenture since I joined. Some of the technologies used on this project are reactJS, redux, Jest, APIGee, spring boot, OAuth2, kafka, JUNIT5, and SQL. Beside my project I have been involved in a couple side-of-desk such as the social mobility pod and the training pod for analysts.


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Backend development
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His contributions have strengthened our team's capabilities and played a pivotal role in enhancing our projects' success.

-- John A. Pedro - Associate Manager in Accenture

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